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Why not sending me a message?


I started this blog also because I wanted to create a community of mutual support and keep in contact with other fellow parent (or educators, grand-parents, aunties, I'm not excluding anyone!).

So, if you've come this way, if you like it, if it interests you, leaves you perplexed, wondering, curios.. in short: I'd really love if you would leave me a sign!

I try to leave fixed blocks of time to check my emails, so that I can concentrate a little better on my work, so I won't necessarily reply one second afterwards, but I do always reply personally.

Another wonderful way to keep in touch is via my newsletter! As what I write in it once a week is far more personal than my blog posts (and of course, you can always unsubscribe anytime, there's nothing compulsory here, it must be a pleasure !)

If you like social networks better, you can follow my Facebook page; and also, connect through Instagram.